Interview in Charisma+2 Magazine

Posted by Kaitlyn On August 2, 2010

This month's Charisma+2 Magazine includes a rather in-depth interview with... well, me! Charisma+2 is primarily a company that provides talent for videogame-related events and tradeshows. It is, essentially, a modeling agency for booth babes that know a lot about videogames. The concept is fantastic and the execution is great too.

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New Panasonic LUMIX Cameras

Posted by Kaitlyn on July 21, 2010

One of the most exciting things about working as a journalist is being "in the know" before everyone else. In the case of DigitalCameraInfo, I get hands-on time with new cameras before they're even announced. Last week I went to New York and met with people from Panasonic, who gave me the goods on these new point-and-shoot cameras for their LUMIX lineup. The LX5 is especially juicy, giving consumers a replacement for that retro chic LX3 from 2008.

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Director's Note: Annie, Get Your Gun

Posted by Kaitlyn On May 7, 2010

This was my first time directing where I hadn't actually selected the show myself. Riverside Theatre Works lost their director at the last minute and I was called in to triage. I must admit that this not a show I would have ever selected on my own, but I'm very glad I had the opportunity to direct it. The music of Irving Berlin and the story of Annie Oakley go together surprisingly well.

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Ten RPGs That Matter... to Kaitlyn

Posted by Kaitlyn On April 18, 2010

Some people say that female gamers just aren't unique anymore. "Everyone knows that girls game... what's the big deal?" And yet, I find that the majority of guys are still surprised when I tell them I like videogames. They're even more slack-jawed when they learn how much I play and how knowledgeable I am. Even the mere suggestion that I'm good enough to play on a competitive level is just... unbelievable.

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We're big fans of the guys and gals over at Gizmodo. We're also big fans of our own work. No one tests camcorders more thoroughly and objectively... at least, in our opinion! So, it felt like a pretty good match when Gizmodo asked us to write about the best camcorders for every budget this holiday season. Enjoy!

* * *

Don't be confused by imposters: the ultracompact Flip camcorder is still the hot girl that everyone either wants to have or wants to be. At $230, the second-generation MinoHD is more expensive than all those Flip clones, but you get what you pay for. It's sleek and stylish—especially when you can design your own—and has decent video quality (for a tiny, trendy camcorder). Most importantly, it's so easy to use that your granny could make herself the next YouTube star...

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JVC Announces New GZ-HD620 in Japan

On Tuesday, December 08, 2009 0 comments

December 8, 2009 – Victor Company of Japan (the Japanese brand for JVC) announced today the release of the new Everio GZ-HD620, a high definition camcorder with a 1/4.1-inch, 3.32MP CMOS sensor and 30x optical zoom. The camcorder features a light body—weighing only 270g despite its 120GB internal hard drive. The HD620 announcement follows closely on the heels of three new standard definition camcorders announced by JVC last week: the GZ-MG980, GZ-MS230, and GZ-MS210.

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One of the strange things I've discovered about the consumer electronics industry is that it's still very much dominated by Japanese manufacturers. This means that new models are often announced in Japan before they see the light of day in the U.S. That leaves us speculating over whether these things will ever make it stateside. Victor Company of Japan (known here as JVC), just announced some new standard definition cams. Will they find there way here? Yeah, probably.

* * *

December 3, 2009 – Yesterday, JVC-Victor Japan released three new standard definition camcorders for the company's Everio lineup: the GZ-MG980, GZ-MS230, and GZ-MS210. All three models are smaller and lighter than their predecessors, offer a bit more zoom power, and utilize JVC's brand new 'Active Mode' stabilization. These camcorders are currently available only in Japan, but they might be indicators of what we can expect when the company announces its 2010 American lineup.

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